Testing mods to CRKT Chogan Tomahawk

Spent the other day out in the woods testing my CRKT Chogan Tomahawk. I need some mods that greatly change the feel of the hawk. First was removing the hammer pole with a hacksaw. Took some time, but not a big deal with a little muscle.


The removal changes the feel and makes the hawk swing faster.


I also put a significant edge on it. The factory grind was dull.


Once work was done it was time for lunch.

Another great day in the woods!

Check out the video here:

Youtube Video

Battle Systems MPIL MK1

Since being in civilian Search and Rescue for many years, signaling in my opinion is one of the most over looked aspects of survival preparedness. I you can have all the fancy kits and gear but if you cant be found you will eventually parish. One method for signaling to rescuers via ground to ground or ground to air is a signal panel. So a lightweight signal product is always welcome in my kit and this is one of my favorite passive signal methods out there. The Battle Systems MPIL MK1 is a 18″x 18″ double side piece of lightweight nylon. One side being the high viz orange and the other a camo color.


The whole package can be folded down to a 2.5″x2.5″square that packs down anywhere.


When deployed the hi viz orange is bright and has a 2″ square of velcro to secure other markers like a glow patch.

The camo side is also great for concealing gear quickly and also has a 2″ square of velcro.


All four corners have gutted 550 cord sewn in. This gives the user multiple ways to secure the panel to a pack or make a flag. You can also link additional panels together to create a larger ground to air signal. The versatility of the product as a signal panel or pack cover make it well worth the money.

Best of all Battle Systems LLC is veteran owned and made in the USA. Please check out their website for ordering info.



The Becker Field Bag

Recently 5Col Survival Supply sent me the Becker Field Bag to check out. If you haven’t seen or heard of this bag you might be surprised. It’s one of those items that is so unique on the market that your jaw drops when first handling it.


The Becker Field Bag was designed my legendary knife designer Ethan Becker. Ethan wanted to produce a travel/edc bag that he could not find on the market. It was something that fit many roles but had a low profile look and feel. What he came up with is pure genius. A bag that looks good in the board room but can also carry a pistol, can be carried all over the world by a private contractor or adventure journalist but also work for a ordinary daily commuter.

A Place for Everything

Besides the civilian look and feel (no tactical molle or patch panels). The BFB is a well thought out load monster that has a place for everything without becoming a hodgepodge of useless pockets.


A padded Ipad/Notebook pocket, pen pockets and few other pockets line the inside of the bag.

A hidden gun pocket for the pro who needs to carry a weapon discreetly.

The back side of the bag that houses the gun pocket also has quick access zipper pouch for and a row of molle for attaching a fixed blade knife or blow out kit.

The sides of the bag feature a collapsible water bottle pocket complete with drain holes. And of the opposite side a flapped pocket large enough to fit an Iphone 6 Plus. Nice!

An attached shoulder pad completes the bag with adjust on each side of the strap and a sewn-in shoulder pad that doesn’t slip around all over the place.


Another feature is a padded bottom. This makes the BFB the perfect photo journalist bag. I was able to easily carry my Nikon plus an additional lens in the main compartment.

Now if the features haven’t peaked your interest or that its designer is a legendary knife icon, then hearing its made 100% in the USA should. The BFB is made by Walking Foot Gear that helped with the design process. The materials are top notch cordura fabric and the stitching is phenomenal. This is not a cheap knock off bag!

I want to thank 5Col Survival Supply for the chance to handle this awesome piece of gear. You can order your’s from them at:



  • Designed by Ethan Becker and Karen Noggle
  • Weight: 1 lb 10 oz.
  • Width: 11 in. x 14 in. x 5 in.
  • Made in Knoxville, Tennessee by Walking Foot Gear

Budget Bug Out


There are plenty of gear options out there for folks on a budget. To be prepared does not mean that you have to be rich. But it takes time to look for deals and you have to be patient to find store sales. Several places that are great for finding budget gear are the big box stores like Wal-Mart, Meijer and Target. I have been fortunate to find quality backpacks, cook sets and water bottles and many big retailers and half the cost you would spend at REI or online retailers. I am firm believer in “you get what you pay for” but sometimes you just need good enough or money is tight and you have no choice.

The backpack in the photo above is a Fieldline Tactical backpack that I found on sale for $20. The quality is decent and fits my needs as a low cost get home bag (bug out). I wanted something that would not break the bank and if I happen to get stolen out of my vehicle I would not cry much.

Keep your eyes open and you to will find great deals on gear to fit your prepper needs.

Hill People Gear Kit Bag – Prototype Waxed Canvas

I had the pleasure of getting to test a product that has been on the market for sometime but in a completely new material – waxed canvas. Andy at 5col Survival Supply contacted me to see if I wanted to test it out. I jumped at the chance of course. Now I am very familiar with the original kit bag and have owned one in the past, so the concept was nothing new to me. But the chance to check out a new material was too good to be true.


Many outdoors folk prefer a waxed canvas pack because of the traditional look and the added water repellency. Waxed canvas when done right can shed rain easily and adds durability to a heavy duty canvas bag. It also provides and less tactical profile which so folks are concerned with.

The bag I received is typical Hill People Gear quality. Like all HPG products the kit bag is sewn by First Spear, as US company that caters to military contracts. Made from US made materials and sewn to perfection the kit bag is durable and well thought out.

The waxed canvas option is a special run that 5col Survival Supply has developed for Bushcraft USA forum members, but I believe it will be available to any one wanting to purchase from this limited run.

I took my sample out on a snowy day that hit the Ohio area. Snow was falling fast and in big wet flakes. The weather was perfect to test the water repellency of the kit bag. It was no surprise to me that the kit bag did a great job of keeping my gear dry. And like all kit bags it provided comfortable concealed carry of my firearm and allowed me to move freely while hiking.


The kit bag is really the only option I can think of that carries a firearm so well when slinging a pack or doing any active outdoor activity. The waxed canvas is just the icing on the cake and now gives folks another option.


My Youtube review can be found here. Please check it out and subscribe if you like the channel.

Please check out 5col Survival Supply for Hill People Gear and other great survival/bushcraft supplies.





YouTube Bushcrafting

In January of 2016 I started a YouTube channel for the express reason to get me outside more and have a creative outlet. In under a year I have been blessed with over 2,0000 subscribers and some great viewers. The experience of running a YouTube channel is not for everyone and its harder then I thought it would be. But the rewards for me have been great and I really enjoy it. I encourage anyone wanting to try to just do it.


Here are a few things I have learned

Networking is important and you are your own promoter. That means you need to post links on forums and social media to gain interest and views. It’s never ending, but it pays off!

Frequency means being diligent about posting videos. Try to keep a schedule if possible. One or two video weeks can be tough but possible. I fail at this regularly but it’s something I strive for. Life gets in the way, so don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a posting.

Being social on your channel helps. Answer questions, thank viewers and engage your audience. Once again, not always easy, especially with trolls baiting you into arguments, but being a positive and energetic host helps.

Hike your own hike is statement that applies to starting a channel. You need to do your own thing. Don’t worry what others are doing on their channels. Yes you can learn a lot by watching others. But you need to create your own content and make it unique to you.

There are many tutorials on YouTube on how to optimize your channel, how to shoot video, how to make money, etc. This is an information age and everything you need to know is out there if you look. You need to make yourself a student and keep learning.

Camera gear is not that important. If you have a decent smart phone you can shoot video. Once again you will need to study and figure out how to shoot and download video. Editing will big learning curve but there are many resources available.

Get out and try

My YouTube channel has really worked at getting me outside and sharing what I learn. It has made me a better woodsmen and keeps pushing me to learn new things and document them. It’s become a great outlet and gives me an excuse to get outside.

I encourage you to get out there and do it. You never know you might become the next big bushcraft star of YouTube. Ha Ha!

My youtube channel can be found at:

The Prepared Wanderer