Ultimate Canteen Kit

The lowly canteen has been around since the beginning of organized warfare and it hasn’t changed much over the years. Recently there has been a huge shift in military gear as well as civilian camping and bushcraft gear. The lowly canteen has now become an advanced high tech water carrier. Coupled with modern pouches, the canteen is now the center of a survival kit. The cornerstone of comfort for soldiers, hikers, preppers and bushcrafters.

Two products that have been instrumental in this update to the modest canteen are the Heavy Cover Titanium Mess Kit and the Centerline Systems Mother Canteen Carrier. These two items combined make for the ultimate canteen kit.

Heavy Cover developed and produces the Titanium Canteen Kit. The kit is a modern take on the US Military Canteen Set. It features a canteen, cup, lid and two different style caps. The canteen weighs a little over 6 oz and has a capacity of 37 oz. The cup and lid weighs in at 4.8 oz. and the cup has a capacity  of 23.7 oz. This makes for a very light set up plus titanium is a great heat conductor. Heavy Cover is veteran owned.

The Mother Carrier by Centerline is more then just a pouch. It’s a carrier that can be used as a should carry system or mounted to pack or vest via the molle straps. Additional pockets on the sides and fronts allow for extra gear and food to be carried on short hikes. Additional webbing on the front is great for adding light sticks, flashlight or other long items. Plus webbing on the bottom permits the carry of bulkier items like jackets or rain ponchos. Best of all the Mother Carrier is made in the USA from Mil Spec materials. The carrier comes in Multicam, Ranger Green, Coyote, Multicam Black and a limited run of ATACS Arid.

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Both the canteen and carrier can be found here:


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