Hill People Gear Kit Bag – Prototype Waxed Canvas

I had the pleasure of getting to test a product that has been on the market for sometime but in a completely new material – waxed canvas. Andy at 5col Survival Supply contacted me to see if I wanted to test it out. I jumped at the chance of course. Now I am very familiar with the original kit bag and have owned one in the past, so the concept was nothing new to me. But the chance to check out a new material was too good to be true.


Many outdoors folk prefer a waxed canvas pack because of the traditional look and the added water repellency. Waxed canvas when done right can shed rain easily and adds durability to a heavy duty canvas bag. It also provides and less tactical profile which so folks are concerned with.

The bag I received is typical Hill People Gear quality. Like all HPG products the kit bag is sewn by First Spear, as US company that caters to military contracts. Made from US made materials and sewn to perfection the kit bag is durable and well thought out.

The waxed canvas option is a special run that 5col Survival Supply has developed for Bushcraft USA forum members, but I believe it will be available to any one wanting to purchase from this limited run.

I took my sample out on a snowy day that hit the Ohio area. Snow was falling fast and in big wet flakes. The weather was perfect to test the water repellency of the kit bag. It was no surprise to me that the kit bag did a great job of keeping my gear dry. And like all kit bags it provided comfortable concealed carry of my firearm and allowed me to move freely while hiking.


The kit bag is really the only option I can think of that carries a firearm so well when slinging a pack or doing any active outdoor activity. The waxed canvas is just the icing on the cake and now gives folks another option.


My Youtube review can be found here. Please check it out and subscribe if you like the channel.

Please check out 5col Survival Supply for Hill People Gear and other great survival/bushcraft supplies.





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