The Becker Field Bag

Recently 5Col Survival Supply sent me the Becker Field Bag to check out. If you haven’t seen or heard of this bag you might be surprised. It’s one of those items that is so unique on the market that your jaw drops when first handling it.


The Becker Field Bag was designed my legendary knife designer Ethan Becker. Ethan wanted to produce a travel/edc bag that he could not find on the market. It was something that fit many roles but had a low profile look and feel. What he came up with is pure genius. A bag that looks good in the board room but can also carry a pistol, can be carried all over the world by a private contractor or adventure journalist but also work for a ordinary daily commuter.

A Place for Everything

Besides the civilian look and feel (no tactical molle or patch panels). The BFB is a well thought out load monster that has a place for everything without becoming a hodgepodge of useless pockets.


A padded Ipad/Notebook pocket, pen pockets and few other pockets line the inside of the bag.

A hidden gun pocket for the pro who needs to carry a weapon discreetly.

The back side of the bag that houses the gun pocket also has quick access zipper pouch for and a row of molle for attaching a fixed blade knife or blow out kit.

The sides of the bag feature a collapsible water bottle pocket complete with drain holes. And of the opposite side a flapped pocket large enough to fit an Iphone 6 Plus. Nice!

An attached shoulder pad completes the bag with adjust on each side of the strap and a sewn-in shoulder pad that doesn’t slip around all over the place.


Another feature is a padded bottom. This makes the BFB the perfect photo journalist bag. I was able to easily carry my Nikon plus an additional lens in the main compartment.

Now if the features haven’t peaked your interest or that its designer is a legendary knife icon, then hearing its made 100% in the USA should. The BFB is made by Walking Foot Gear that helped with the design process. The materials are top notch cordura fabric and the stitching is phenomenal. This is not a cheap knock off bag!

I want to thank 5Col Survival Supply for the chance to handle this awesome piece of gear. You can order your’s from them at:


  • Designed by Ethan Becker and Karen Noggle
  • Weight: 1 lb 10 oz.
  • Width: 11 in. x 14 in. x 5 in.
  • Made in Knoxville, Tennessee by Walking Foot Gear

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