Battle Systems MPIL MK1

Since being in civilian Search and Rescue for many years, signaling in my opinion is one of the most over looked aspects of survival preparedness. I you can have all the fancy kits and gear but if you cant be found you will eventually parish. One method for signaling to rescuers via ground to ground or ground to air is a signal panel. So a lightweight signal product is always welcome in my kit and this is one of my favorite passive signal methods out there. The Battle Systems MPIL MK1 is a 18″x 18″ double side piece of lightweight nylon. One side being the high viz orange and the other a camo color.


The whole package can be folded down to a 2.5″x2.5″square that packs down anywhere.


When deployed the hi viz orange is bright and has a 2″ square of velcro to secure other markers like a glow patch.

The camo side is also great for concealing gear quickly and also has a 2″ square of velcro.


All four corners have gutted 550 cord sewn in. This gives the user multiple ways to secure the panel to a pack or make a flag. You can also link additional panels together to create a larger ground to air signal. The versatility of the product as a signal panel or pack cover make it well worth the money.

Best of all Battle Systems LLC is veteran owned and made in the USA. Please check out their website for ordering info.


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