me101I have been playing in the outdoors as long as I can remember. From building forts in the woods with my buddies as a kid to hunting Pheasant with my Dad. As When I grew up and moved away from home I started solo camping and backpacking and continued hunting upland game. Years went by and I had a family. My outdoor pursuits focused on teaching my sons and being with them outside. At that time I was introduced to the world of volunteer search and rescue. I immersed my self in that cause and learned allot about land navigation, survival and just pushing through problems when in the field. I retired from my volunteer work after serving almost 10 years. Now I am a empty nester and living with my beautiful wife and two wonderful Australian Shepard dogs, Luna and Nova. I started a YouTube channel and that has been successful and fun. Recently I added this website to my growing media outlets. I hope you enjoy and stay awhile at my campfire. We all have something to teach each other.